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It is worthy of note that several government functionaries including the Minister of Energy, John Peter Amewu and his Deputy Owuraku Aidoo had described the contract with PDS as fraudulent.

Termination Of PDS-ECG Agreement

There has been mixed reaction over government’s decision to terminate its concession agreement with Power Distribution Services, PDS. Whiles a section of the public applauds the decision, others believe it is a cover-up.

Plastic Waste Menace In Ghana

Statistics from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly show that more than 912,0 tons of waste are generated annually in Accra. Out of this, only 410, 625 tons representing 45 per cent are collected while the 55 per cent which is mainly plastic remain in the system. Plastic waste has accounted for a major portion of the total amount of waste generated in terms of net-weight. Only two per cent of single-use plastic bottles are recycled.

Tier one is the mandatory Social Security and National Insurance Trust, SSNIT, tier two which is ...

NPRA’S Efforts To prosecute Defaulting Pension Companies

Written By By Dominic Hlordzi - Report that the National Pensions Regulatory Authority, NPRA has begun a process to prosecute 13 companies in the country for failing to honour any of the mandatory schemes for their workers is indeed pleasing to the ear. What are the mandatory schemes? Ghana after the review of the pension laws now has three-tier schemes for workers.

In fact, to have 67 people escorting 17 unwanted guests is in itself a signal that the German government is really serious with its immigration laws.

Urgent action needed to reduce the annual figures of Ghanaian deportees

 Written By By Dominic Hlordzi - Deportation!! Deportation! Tom Tancredo, an American politician once said that “the word nobody wants to use is deportation and once you are in their country illegally, that’s the punishment. You will face deportation.

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