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No one can tell or predict, with even global systems that have worked reliably over the years, how and when this Covid-19 pandemic will slow down or be completely eradicated.

COVID-19 And The God Factor

Written By Raymond Tuvi - The alarming rate at which the deadly coronavirus is virtually eating up all aspects of social life on earth is compelling all to reconsider what really matters in our relations with each other and with our Creator.

The visit became necessary following the restoration of peace after a two-decade chieftaincy dispute.

Historic Visit Of Overlord Of Dagbon To Jubilee House

The richness of culture, when allowed to be portrayed in an atmosphere of peace, is glamorously unveiled to show that peace is a virtue that cannot be toyed with since without it nothing good or beautiful can be promoted in society.

It is not enough to have mere vehicles serving as ambulances to carry people on stretchers from one location to the other for medical care. A well established national ambulance system should …

The Commissioning And Distribution Of 307 Ambulances

Even though Ghana is a developing country faced with a number of challenges as experienced in other countries, every effort is being made to improve socio-economic conditions in the country. This explains why the commissioning of the three hundred and seven ambulances for constituencies throughout the country is deemed important since it will help much in bringing great improvement in the healthcare system in the country.

Privacy and security settings exist for a reason. Make good use of it. Learn how to use it to protect your information.

Written By Seli Baisie - Social media is an interactive platform used in sharing information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks.

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