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Transition from 7th Parliament to 8th Parliament

On the midnight of January 6 this year, the seventh parliament of the fourth Republic stood dissolved, paving the way for the inauguration of the 8th Parliament. Under the Speakership of Rev. Prof. Mike Aaron Oquaye, the seventh Parliament could be described as the busiest and most efficient thus far. That Parliament saw the passage of about 125 Bills out of 196 Bills which were introduced into the House. It was the seventh parliament that saw the passage of the Right to Information Law and it was in that same outfit that the first Private Members Bill was passed.

Indeed Ghana’s peace and stability portray the country as an attractive destination for foreign investment and tourism. In the impending election petition, ...

The Impending Presidential Election Petition by NDC

Member of Parliament for South Dayi-Rockson Nelson Darfeamekpor has revealed that the NDC is set to file a petition at the Supreme Court to challenge the declaration of President Akuffo Addo as the winner of the December 7 presidential election. This revelation is good news for Ghana, which is touted as a beacon of democracy in Africa. The filing of the election petition is a signal to the global community that the NDC believes in due process and will also get the assurance that Ghanaians are firmly committed to keeping the much-cherished peace and stability.

After one year of struggle with the Corona Virus Pandemic, a vaccine has finally been found in the West. What of the earlier discoveries in Africa? Or they don’t meet WHO standards?

Does Ghana Need COVID-19 Vaccines?

Written By Hillary Adongo - Indeed the year 2020 will go down in record as the year the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) swept through, shook and brought on its knees the economies of the world after the Spanish Flu pandemic a century ago.

The sudden demise of Flt. Lt. J.J. Rawlings

Written By Nana Osei Anto-Piesie - Ghanaians and the world over woke up on Thursday, November 12, 2020, to hear of the shocking and unbelievable news of the passing of one of the greatest leaders of our time, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings. The sudden death of a great leader, inspirer, mentor and pacesetter, especially on the heels of a few weeks after burying his demised centenarian mother, came as an unsuspecting bullet which rammed through the silent forest. As a young soldier, he successfully led and prosecuted two revolutions that have, in no doubt, left indelible marks in the sand of time in terms of bringing an end to persistent military coup d’états to establish a democratic system that has lasted almost 30 years. His passion for probity, accountability, transparency and social justice dates back to his days at Achimota College where he always stood to defend the defenseless. In fact, throughout his military, public and revolutionary lives, such virtues that laid the foundations of nation-building were never lost on him.

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