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Harvesting potential, the need to cast a wider net

A rare display of aptitude, and sheer ingenuity by a group of youngsters in the building of a functioning sample excavator has many Ghanaians going gaga and keyboards flowing with praise for the brilliance on display.

Kenya Plastic Bag Ban And Lessons For Ghana

Written By Rebecca Ekpe - Kenyans recently joined more than forty other countries including China, France, Rwanda, and Italy to ban, partly ban or tax single use of plastic bags. Hence forth any, Kenyan caught producing, selling or using plastic bags, risk imprisonment of up to four years or could be fined up to forty thousand dollars. Congratulations! to Kenya for this bold decision, giving the challenge for other countries to do same, despite dire consequences in using plastics on human life, a nation's development and the environment as a whole.


Written By Samuel Ayamah - The victory chalked up by Ghana against her western neighbour, Cote d'Ivoire on the Maritime Boundary dispute, is what we stand to achieve as a nation when we put aside partisan politics and work together for mother Ghana.

Synchronising National Development Efforts To Ensure Long Term Sustainability

Written By David Owusu-Amoah - Good governance as a tenet in a democratic dispensation has been widely recognized as a key ingredient for development. Multi-Party Democracy gained root in most parts of Africa in the early 1990s replacing dictatorial regimes. Evidence seems to confirm that African countries where multi-party democracy has been established perform better as compared to non-democratic states. This notwithstanding, one of the challenges that confront multiparty democracy is consensus building for prudent sustainable long term development. Time and Time again governments formulate good and credible laws, policies and strategies to propel socio-economic development. The daunting task however is the capacity to implement these policies and strategies effectively and sustainably.

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