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The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo at a news briefing on Tuesday and Wednesday officially announced some ministerial nominees for approval by Parliament approval committee.The professional background and expertise of the nominees undoubtedly seem to make them suitable for their respective portfolios, having excelled in similar endeavours as politicians, business persons, entrepreneurs, public and civil servants. Comments following the announcement have been varied, but generally, it appears the appointments are in the right direction. Managing a nation requires such experienced people more especially in the face of economic challenges characterised by unemployment, high interest rate, budget deficit, high cost of living, and huge foreign and domestic debt. These challenges, coupled with the promises made by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the campaign place a heavy burden on the President and his appointees. The nominees when given the nod by Parliament are expected to help the President to initiate area specific policies and programmes to achieve better living conditions for Ghanaians. Irrespective of one’s political affiliation, favourable economic environment will ensure to the benefit of all Ghanaians.

The appointment of experienced and qualified persons alone cannot make Ghana a better place to live. The appointees are expected to come out with strategies that are not alien to the Ghanaian environment. Ghanaians will no longer take any excuses. The immediate past National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration had its fair share of criticism regarding the crop of Ministers President John Mahama worked with.To some, the critics were proved right in that, the utterances of some of them were in bad taste. It is therefore not surprising that some people attributed the NDC's defeat in the December 7 polls to these attitude and culture. This should serve as a lesson and a guide to President Akufo-Addo in appointing his ministers.

Apart from all the rich academic credentials of the ministerial nominees, the most important criteria are the person’s attitude and human relations in general. Some of these common human-relation skills can never be acquired in the classroom. President Akufo Addo in his other appointments should exclude people whose actions and inactions can have a negative impact on the NPP administration.

As prospective state appointees lobby for placement in the current NPP administration, they should be mindful that, the office is a political one and one can be reshuffled at any time. They must bear in mind that, there are so many qualified people in the country to take over anytime they are relieved of their posts. They should note that their stay in office, will largely depend on how they conduct themselves to realise the positive impact that Ghanaians desire when they voted for change in the December 7, 2016 general election.



Sourced from gbcghana

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