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South Africans and foreign nationals wave the Ghana flag in Yeoville, outside Johannesburg, South Africa, Friday July 2, 2010. The African continent is rallying behind Ghana scheduled to play in the quarterfinal World Cup soccer match against Uruguay later in the day in Port Elizabeth. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

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All this goes to point out that we need to come together in peace, whether as political players, economic and social actors or even as religious people. If the contribution of ....

There is no doubt that every nation requires peace and unity to aspire towards development. No nation in the world, irrespective of the amount of natural resources at its disposal, can progress as fast as possible if the people in that nation do not come together in peace and unity to promote its development.

Without national cohesion, peace and unity no proper planning can be carried out with the aim of achieving the noble aim of all the people who make up that nation. What this means is that every member of society has a role to play to ensure that national development quickly takes place as smoothly as possible for the common good. Socio-economic development cannot be achieved on a silver platter without serious efforts from the nationals of the country. It is the people in the country whose efforts can always be put together to achieve what is good for the entire country. This explains why various sections of the population are engaged in various forms of occupation and profession to contribute their respective quota in various ways for the common good.

While some people are teachers’ others serve as soldiers, doctors, engineers, businessmen and labourers, among others. The various jobs in the country are all important because none of them can be done away with when seeking success in all aspects of life for society. It takes the contribution of everyone to result in the total output of goods and services that are needed for the promotion of general welfare in the country. Every individual deserves to be respected because the contribution of each person helps in building a nation. The great nations in the world today that have become the envy of many others have been able to make it because they make room for the contribution of everyone irrespective of how little or insignificant it may appear.

In line with this, it is necessary for all sections of society to be accommodative of each other and become committed towards the attainment of greatness for the nation. When this becomes the case, every person will be prepared to die a little for others. The spirit of patriotism, irrespective of the sector in which we find ourselves, is what every Ghanaian needs if Ghana is to make it to the top in terms of development. The patriotic spirit of every person must, therefore, be brought together in the fight towards national development.

All this goes to point out that we need to come together in peace, whether as political players, economic and social actors or even as religious people. If the contribution of each person is needed for the good of the country then we need to strive for peace, national cohesion and unity of purpose so that the development that we are all seeking can be attained smoothly or without much difficulty. If all Ghanaians come to this realisation it will not be difficult for the country to get to where it needs to be in terms of high-level of economic development as well as general welfare for our present and future generations. In the light of the current efforts being made to ensure smooth, uninterrupted and steady progress towards socio-economic development, the time to come together for national cohesion, peace and unity is now, so let us work together as one people to achieve our national goal.



Source: gbcghanaonline

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