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Pictures of the Chief Executive Officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Dr. Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, braiding a woman’s hair, stirring/cooking banku and seemingly helping with household chores in an undisclosed location has many Ghanaian tongues wagging on social media (FB) with many hoping it’s a Photoshopped picture and not the real AMA Boss campaigning or stooping low for votes.

Mr. Vanderpuije is contesting the Ablekuma South constituency seat in Accra as a Parliamentary candidate in the December's polls.


Some see the pictures as the Mayor of Accra stooping low to earn the votes of the people in his bid to get to Parliament and are thus calling for a reexamination of values.

“I hope what I see is a Photoshop. If people can stoop this low just to get into parliament then we need a reexamination of our values. Obviously vote buying alone is not enough to draw the votes in.”


“What politicians do for vote. Chaiii, they wont even mind wiping your ass for you if that will make you vote for them. Africa, will we ever move forward from mediocrity, concert and kro kro the John way of doing things???”

Others see it as a deft move on his part as he seeks to draw closer to the people, do what any ‘local’ who identifies with his people will do as he seeks to remain a step ahead of his opponents.


“Underrate these things and see how your opponent go floor you bcos this is how the Ghanaian interpret humility.”

“Ghanaians are not that gullible. The truth about this man is that, he has always been the man of his people. He does these things all the time. In the same way, he doesn't mind to confront you if you don't follow simple rules. But people only bring out these pictures during election time with the hope of ridiculing him or his party. It always bounces in their faces. That's is his God-given style. He is a "local boy". He is one of the best and boldest politicians Ghana has ever had. Let's celebrate him.”

The mayor’s action definitely has the people talking and drawing their conclusions, but it remains unclear when, where, the circumstances under which they were taken and why the pictures are being circulated now.

One thing we do know for sure is that, it is definitely generating interest.


 Accra Mayor pictured braiding a woman's hair (photo)

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