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Marricke Kof Gane Makes It Public, Will Contest for Presidency in 2020 General Elections

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Marricke Kofi Gane's message to Ghanaians is simple - "I am here to put Ghana first, because GHANA deserves better! Because YOU deserve better! Because WE deserve better."

Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane, an International Development Expert and Accountant by profession has made public his intention to contest for the country’s presidency in the upcoming 2020 General Elections.

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Announcing his intention to run as an Independent Presidential Candidate (IPC) on his Facebook page this morning, he wrote:

“IT IS GREATLY HUMBLING... to announce my intention to run for President in December 2020.

It is a long journey ahead - but one worth every sweat of hard work it will demand of my team and I.

God, has indeed blessed our Homeland Ghana. It is up to US to make her Great and Strong.

Now, let's SHIFT the paradigm!!”

Mr. Gane has for a while now been contemplating a run at the Presidency in 2020 but has hitherto remained short of making a full declaration on his political future.

Touching on his political future in a 2018 extensive three-part interview with myghanalinks.com’s Abena Alice, Mr. Gane, said;

” it is not enough if I wish to stand – the people must also want me to stand, after all, they will be the ones to vote for me. What I can say however is this - if I do make an announcement to stand in 2020, it will be because the people believe in me. Do I believe I am ready myself? Yes, I believe I am – but the people must believe too. Only then ….”

He concluded the interview with the following words:

“Ghana has one last window through which to climb from mediocrity into significance – we cannot climb it by the same minds, the same hands, and the same people who have robbed us to date. We need a new order, we need to embrace a new way of doing things – I am that new way, I am Marricke Kofi Gane. Time is Up, Time na asuu, Ɣeyiyia de!”

In a Press Release announcing his presidential bid, he described himself as a son of the land with a unique blend of local, regional, and international experiences that are crucial to the country’s needs.

He added that:

"Our generation is a bridge – the only remaining bridge between the truncated dreams of our forebears and the eager hopes of posterity unborn. WE have no choice but to disrupt every faulty status quo and make Ghana work for ALL of us. It is a grave burden that will demand more from all of US collectively. God has indeed blessed our homeland Ghana. It is WE, who MUST now make her Great and Strong."

Marricke Kofi Gane's message to Ghanaians is simple - "I am here to put Ghana first, because GHANA deserves better! Because YOU deserve better! Because WE deserve better."

In a video release titled “Gane For Ghana” that accompanied his declaration, he called for a change from the current path whilst acknowledging some of the challenges that he will eventually have to overcome: the lack of a political machinery to deploy propaganda, and the huge financial resource it takes to run a political campaign etc.

Consequently, he called on his viewers to volunteer their time, energy, and finances to the cause.

Below is the video:


WATCH|Marricke Kofi Gane officially declares to run for President of Ghana in 2020


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