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Building a web focused and involved community among Ghanaians and our visitors is our primary goal. We sincerely believe in creating and providing our visitors and users with a very passionate and spirited ‘commenting’ and ‘Forum’ environment as it is a great determinant in subsequent visits or even participation on the site. Thus, most posts/articles/publications have a comment box and you are welcome to share your thoughts etc. with the writer and site visitors. We are flattered to approve your comments in so far as you do not violate our Comment Policies.

A sign in/login/registration may be required to post comments.

The site owners, administrators, contributors and authors acknowledge that submitted and approved comments, articles and opinions on issues etc. are the views of those who authored them. Approval and posting of these comments/opinions does not imply that that we agree with them.

Comment Guidelines

  1. A commenter may choose to use their real name or an alias. Email addresses are required to post comments but will not be shared or seen by others.
  2. We make a concerted effort to filter and moderate comments as part of our desire to provide a pleasant experience for all our users. Obscene language and spam are not encouraged.
  3. Comments with links may be automatically held for moderation and review and deleted if necessary.
  4. Comments that seem to be primarily aimed at advertising and sales promotion etc. will be deleted.
  5. Derogatory comments that are aimed at insulting others will be disapproved and deleted when found ASAP.
  6. We encourage all our users to be respectful of others through their choice of words etc. and to help make commenting and reading of comments on this site a pleasant experience for all.
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