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  • What good gift is there to give our current crop of health students than a health system furnished with these three ideas – Strategy, Capacity building and Constant Information Upgrade.

A Letter To My Nation, Ghana

Written By Edith Zikpi - If we had the chance to decide if we wanted COVID -19 at all, we – as a country – would have unanimously chose to be unrepresented in that discussion.

  • Generational nation-building requires that every era, leaves behind a Ghana better than they came to meet it. It guarantees that each generation starts from a foundation stronger and greater than their fathers.

Dear Ghanaians,
No other generation in the history of our beloved Ghana, has been more crucially burdened than our generation. We are the only generation serving as a bridge – a bridge between the dreams our forefathers left unfulfilled and the hopes of posterity yet unborn.

  • But the measures we take must not, for the love of God and country, include locking down, as has been suggested by some experts.

Open Letter to President Akufo-Addo - Ras Mubarak writes

Dear Mr President, May I share these few thoughts as you prepare for your update number 22 on measures taken against the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many Ghanaians, I am worried about the spike in cases of the coronavirus in our country.

  • It is against the background, above, that I place before you a five-point suggestion, for your consideration, into changing the inputs and outcomes of our education, at least, at the basic level, if you ....

Your ‘Janeducation’: Paying Special Attention to Early Childhood and Primary Education in Ghana

Dear Professor Nana Jane Opoku-Agyemang,

The above matter refers.

Please accept my warm congratulations on your selection as the vice-presidential running mate to H.E. John Mahama for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in Ghana.