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Written By Peter Dadzie & Philip Afran Gaisie - Graduate unemployment, used to refer to tertiary school leavers who are willing and able to work at the going wage rate but are unable to find work, is a global problem.

  • The National Cathedral of Ghana is an elaborate five thousand-seater auditorium which was borne out of a pledge, Nana Akufo-Addo claimed to have made to God before winning the 2016 presidential elections. The earlier over $100 million stated cost of the cathedral is now estimated to be around, $200 million ...

An artist’s Impression of the New Ghana National Cathedral

Written By Rev. Green Kwame Lawrence - A national cathedral is generally a religious edifice which is usually situated in a city where bishops [p]reside and where they celebrate liturgies on festive occasions sometimes in an omni-doctrinal and multi-jurisdictional manner, as explained by John Meyendorff in Eastern Orthodoxy Christianity.

  • Football has taught us that sometimes, it is better for the coaches to look further afield to support our local teams with skills and competencies acquired abroad for international matches.

Making sense of Ghanaian-diaspora inclusion - Agenda 111 on my mind

Emancipation, diaspora inclusion, home-coming, year of return, just think of any name or description, we have used them interchangeably to encourage Ghanaians living abroad and African Americans who claim ancestorship in Ghana, to return home and join in the development of our country.

  • Advocates of the anti-LGBT bill purport to assume a moral high ground by erroneously stating that passage of the bill will forestall wholesale importation of western dysfunctional mores into the country. Contrary to this assertion, same sex relationship is not exclusive western phenomenon, but has been practiced in Ghana for a long time, albeit, in secrecy.

An Inconvenient Truth: LGBT Rights are Human Rights in Ghana

Written By Kwame Abrefah - The bill in Ghana’s parliament to criminalize same-sex relationships and to punish those who support lesbians, gays, bisexuals & transgender (LGBT) persons in the country has been gazetted and public consultation will commence shortly. Regardless of the outcome of this bill in Parliament, the Supreme Court will ultimately be called upon to determine whether LGBT persons are protected by the equality rights in the constitution.