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However, with the commencement of actual service, there seems to be low enthusiasm and patronage, with concerns being expressed, including the flat rate of GH¢5 charged passengers who board, notwithstanding where they get off the train.

Let’s make rail transport sustainable

One of the key steps taken by the current government which will be remembered by Ghanaians for many years to come is the creation of a Ministry of Railways Development.

Let us all be thoughtful and also cooperate with the EPA for a noiseless society.

Ruling on noise-making right

Noise pollution is one nuisance that has been ignored or downplayed by society for a very long time, and in view of that, many Ghanaians have come to accept excessive noise as a way of life.

Yes this country has seen judges killed and Generals shot! Where did all that violence take us? Now in a democratic dispensation, we brag about all sorts of masked people in Police vehicles inflicting savagery and thuggery on fellow Ghanaians, with the Police helpless and unable to maintain law and order.

Chinua Achebe’s Nothing but heathen filth…’

Written By Brig Dan Frimpong - Recent intensification of insults and violence in Ghana reminds me of Chinua Achebe’s novel, Arrow of God.

Some of the worries have bordered on the long stay at home of some students while others are in school, which may open the students up to mischief.

We need seamless return to single-track system

Much as the double-track system introduced by the government last year under the free SHS policy has made it possible for more qualified students to gain admission to SHS, many reservations have been expressed by parents.