Thu, Oct

We cannot belabour the fact that teachers play a very crucial role in the lives of children in the formative years of their development and moulding them into responsible citizens of the country.

Address new teachers’ salary challenges head on

They are mostly found in the rural and remote areas of the country, areas that are hard to reach and where others refuse posting to.

Today, March 22, 2019 is Water Day, to be marked globally to drum home the importance of water and the need to ensure that everyone has equal access to it, no matter one’s colour or creed.

Potable water must reach all

It is generally believed the world over that no one must be denied access to water for any reason because it holds the key to life.

Today, we would like to appeal to them and those in various security roles, to be honest and respectful of their clientele, irrespective of their status and situation.

Our law enforcement officials can do better

In a recent editorial, we urged the Ghana Police Service to be firm in the face of aggression against them from the civilian populace.

Any time that the GRA is unable to meet its target, therefore, the country has to find alternative means to finance some of its projects.

We need to collect more taxes

The developmental needs of every country require that enough funds be raised to ensure sufficient funding of state infrastructure for the comfort of citizens.