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Right from start-ups to growing businesses, women entrepreneurs struggle in the male dominated business world to survive.

Why government should support women entrepreneurs

There is no doubt that women entrepreneurs globally face challenges in doing business than that of their male counterparts.

It is a known fact that crime involving motorcycle has been on the increase and it is also true that many of those criminals escape arrest on their motorbikes.

Can okada be banned?

The Deputy Minister of Transport Mr Titus Glover has advocated a ban on commercial motorcycle riding also known as okada from operating at 9pm to 6am the next day.

The voyage has been tortuous, with citizens over time getting frustrated and apprehensive and wondering whether the political class was committed to passing the Right to Information (RTI) Bill.

Hurray, RTI Bill is passed

For years Ghana has been on this journey, the journey to entrench and fortify the freedom of information.

Gradually but steadily the Ghana Police Service is pushing hard to utilise technology to help combat crime in the country.

This police initiative must succeed

The police in every country play a very vital role in ensuring peace and security that allows citizens to go about their daily activities freely.