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The death penalty has been justified by many, while it has been criticised by others.

Death penalty: To expunge or not to

Crime is as old as the time man has spent on this earth. To ensure orderliness, societies classified crimes according to their severity, with appropriate punishment attached to the various categories.
Crime grouping is significant, as it makes a huge difference in how criminal charges and trials are conducted.

Since we ushered in the Fourth Republic in 1992, the activities of political vigilante groups have become an albatross around our neck and in some cases marred the beauty of democratic governance.

No hard-line stance in vigilantism talks

Political thuggery, often referred to as vigilantism in the country, which has been on the ascendancy in the past years, has, indeed, become a worrying phenomenon in our democratic dispensation.

Ghana, like many other developing countries, has not done well in terms of disaster management plans, ...

File image - A flooded section of an unidentified neighborhood in Accra.

Disasters are sudden accidents or natural catastrophes that cause great damage to properties and results in loss of lives.

Minister of Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh

Written By Francis Cofie - Educational planners and policy-makers introducing reforms in the basic school syllabi should ensure that the changes are responsive to the national aspiration and also address socio-cultural challenges of society and the country at large.