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The importance of roads is well appreciated, viewed against the backdrop that they link producers to markets, workers to workplaces, students to schools and the sick to hospitals.

Pay attention to the roads

Roads play unique roles in the socio-economic life of societies.

As if we were possessed then, all of a sudden we discovered all the causes and solutions to floods. We were overtaken by a certain powerful force to put measures in place to curtail once and for all the flooding menace.

File image – Circa 2015, an unidentified location in Accra following a heavy downpour that left parts of the capital severely flooded.

For the umpteenth time, the Daily Graphic has had to return to the issue of floods and the mayhem they have caused to families and the country in general.

Quite honestly, many Ghanaians are not enthused about the warnings that have been issued to the public officials over the period because everyone is fully aware that nothing would come out of it.

James Klutse Avedzi, PAC Chairman

THE Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament on Monday issued a stern warning to heads of public institutions who failed to strictly implement the recommendations in the Auditor- General’s report.

The death penalty has been justified by many, while it has been criticised by others.

Death penalty: To expunge or not to

Crime is as old as the time man has spent on this earth. To ensure orderliness, societies classified crimes according to their severity, with appropriate punishment attached to the various categories.
Crime grouping is significant, as it makes a huge difference in how criminal charges and trials are conducted.