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Our law enforcement officials can do better

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Today, we would like to appeal to them and those in various security roles, to be honest and respectful of their clientele, irrespective of their status and situation.

In a recent editorial, we urged the Ghana Police Service to be firm in the face of aggression against them from the civilian populace.

Today, we would like to appeal to them and those in various security roles, to be honest and respectful of their clientele, irrespective of their status and situation.

Our law enforcement officials can do better

Our appeal comes on the heels of a couple of short video clips that circulated on various social media platforms yesterday, although we are not fully privy to the circumstances leading up to the incidents.

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The first video posted below shows someone in some sort of security role extorting money from a commercial (Trotro) vehicle driver and his mate, for allegedly picking up passengers at an unapproved spot in broad daylight.


The extortion is done unconscientiously and with total disrespect for the professional body he belongs to, given that there are a couple of passengers aboard the vehicle.

In the second clip, a guard with the Swedru Municipal Assembly, is seen viciously kicking an unsuspecting young man, who is on his knees, directly in his head.

Watch | Swedru Municipal Assembly guard assaults boy

The sad part is that this uniformed and heartless individual had to be restrained from taking advantage of the poor boy and hitting him some more in the head.

Unfortunately, his peers, some of whom restrained him, are unlikely to report him to their superiors for any appropriate action to be taken against him.

The possible traumatic effect of the kick to the young man’s head cannot be overstated. Symptoms, such as headache, dizziness, nausea, slurred speech, ringing in the ears, and possible damage to his brains are some of the few things he will have to deal with over the next few weeks.  

Given the way violence against citizens by some of those in whatever flavored uniform often goes unchecked, it is our hope that the Swedru Municipal Assembly guard's superiors will deal with him accordingly, whilst at the same time offering their employees the appropriate sensitivity training in dealing with their fellow citizens, especially the disadvantaged ones, who can on occasion be their crime solving partners.

Meanwhile, it is our sincere hope that the bribe-taking individual in the first clip, the MTTU employee involved in the second clip, and many like them will be brought to book, or at least reprimanded for their actions, as it casts a huge slur on the image of many of those in law enforcement, who strive hard to work by the book on a daily basis.


We have since learned via a Press Release from the Ghana Police Service that the uniformed individual in question is a Metropolitan Guard with the Swedru Municipal Assembly in the Central Region.

We have since updated our editorial to reflect that, and we do apologize for any discomfort and inconvenience our initial reference to the Swedru Municipal Assembly guard as an MTTU personnel may have caused to those in that profession.

Nevertheless, it will not hurt if the Ghana Police Service can come up with a formal training guide and a code of conduct for all these quasi law enforcement bodies, as they are often the first body to be rightly or wrongly accused in many of these instances of wrongdoing.

Video clips courtesy of Ekumfi Kane (bribery in Trotro) and Heyrow Henry Eliud Yankey

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