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About Us
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Hi there!

We are bike messengers by day, aspiring web enthusiasts by night and Ghanaians through and through.

Our goal at MYGHANALINKS is to serve as a link or create an avenue for Ghanaians across the globe and other interested persons to share information, interact, ask questions and hopefully have them answered.

Our stories as Ghanaians in Ghana or Ghanaians in the diaspora differ but there have been times, be it in Ghana or some other part of the world that we’ve hoped we could find a simple answer to a question, raise and discuss issues that we believe might be of interest to others on a platform that extends beyond us.

Our hope is to use our vibrant site and forum page to do just that.

Our other goal is to generate conversations and interests on typical Ghanaian issues such as Education, Religion, Finance, Politics, Development, Health, Technology and a myriad of other topics through the use of Articles, Opinions and Blogs that will hopefully be of interest to all.

We love the variety of our conversations and articles, we seek to go deep and wide, our contributors are very passionate about exploring views on issues they raise, sharing information and making an impact with it.

At MGL, you are welcome to engage, inform, interact, share and participate in different ways, through the use of comments, videos, pictures, documentaries, guest authoring and your very own personal and exciting Articles, Opinions, Blog and Forum page.

We hope you will always find a thought-provoking outlook on some of the topics under discussion and participate or as we say in Ghana, Get Involved!

However, if you don’t, you are always welcome to start you own topic through our guest author program or the Forum page. You never know where it will end, what it might do for others or how far it will go.

We provide some news snippets and an opportunity for Small Ghanaian Businesses (Restaurants, Travel Agents, Real Estate Agents, and Grocery Stores etc.) irrespective of location to hopefully reach out to more Ghanaians by publishing their business profile on our Ghana Biz page for free.

Every journey begins with a single step, perseverance and a lot of uncertainty. We have a fairly good view of what we want to achieve with this site and we hope you will be kind enough to join us.



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